Do I have to have experience or training?

Yes and No. This will depend on the division you are represented in; if you would like to just be put forward for background extra roles in film, you wont need any experience or training.  However, if you would like to be put forward for 100% TVC Roles and have no prior experience, then yes, you will need to have basic training; If you would like to become an Actor then you should definitely look at training with a reputable acting school.  If you would like to be a fashion model in Queensland, predominately the majority of the work is runway work; you will need to either have prior experience, or have training to obtain the skills required.  Just like anything you do, if you do not have experience, you will need to educate yourself to obtain the appropriate skills. Tamblyn is very fortunate to work  alongside The Academy - Tamblyn School of Personal Development and Modelling to ensure you have the best quality training to suit industry requirements.  We can also introduce you to reputable acting schools.